Steven Silo is an alternate name I use to release Trap, Future Bass, and Tropical House. Steven is my middle name and the pool of Siloam is where the bLiNd man was healed.”

— Jordan


Sakura Beats

Steven Silo

Steven Silo returns with Sakura Beats EP! Sakura Beats was original written for a twitch streamers opening sequence. Game Start sets the mood for the stream with some nice future bass melodies and beats. Level Up continues this mood with more nice major key melodies and future bass beats. Hyped! then sets the tone for the stream that's about to start! Get ready for another episode. Main Menu isn't future bass, but bossa nova in the style of Koji Kondo intended for use with a main menu of a game. This is sort of the bathroom break music. Postgame then ties off the EP with an "ending" theme. More future bass but this time the energy level is higher than the opening. This track celebrates the stream and gives everyone time to say their goodbyes. Sakura Beats ftw.
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