How to Make A Track A Day e-book
  • How to Make A Track A Day e-book
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Inside the book I am going to cover every topic that may keep your head scratching or keep you from doing what you love to do most, which is make music! Aspiring producers, Seasoned Producers, or DJs looking to get into producing their own tracks will greatly benefit from the mindsets and workflows I have developed over the last 10 years.

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bLiNd Signature Drums Sample Pack
  • bLiNd Signature Drums Sample Pack
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bLiNd's first official sample pack of his signature drums! Most made by him!!
The ones that weren't were recorded at a guitar center (acoustic drum kit (pearl) with a stereo handheld mic)

Luckily it's good to have friends at places like that...

Anyway, these are drum sounds I have been using since as early as 1999. Yes I have been making music that long. If any of you bandcamp followers on here are into making the music I make, then this is a must have. Check it out!

bLiNd's Drums One Shots

79 Kicks (Deep House, Electro House, Trance, Future Bass and Misc)

17 Claps (Layered and Single)

53 Cymbals (Processed Electronic and Acoustic Recorded Splashes, Crashes, Rides and Hats)

28 Closed Hihats (Electronic and Acoustic)

21 Open Hihats (Electronic and Acoustic)

34 Snares (Electronic and Acoustic)

14 Toms (Electronic and Acoustic)

22 Percussions (Electronic and Acoustic)

15 FX (Bonus of various videogame related and foley effects)

02 Bass Drops (Signature bLiNd Bass drops created in Stomper Freeware (Windows 95) I have used these things in almost every electronic track I have created in the past 15 years

bLiNd's Drum Loops

50 Trance Drum Loops (Split into categories of Kicks, Claps, Hihat, Percussion, and Rides)

13 Future Bass Loops (Various Full Drum Loops or Drum Top loops from 140-163bpm)

Your support goes towards more gear for more music of course :)


307mb (unzipped) 24 bit 44khz samples in WAV format

Genres covered


Electro House

Deep House

Future Bass

Loop Tempos between 138-163 bpm

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bLiNd Signature Drums 2 Sample Pack
  • bLiNd Signature Drums 2 Sample Pack
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bLiNd is back with another set of drums in bLiNd Signature Drums Volume 2! This one starts where the last one left off and is more than double the size! Several hardware drum machines from the TR-8s were used in shaping the one shots. The rest are custom crafted from bLiNd's personal collection of sounds he has made for making EDM and other genres.

bLiNd's Drums One Shots 2

130 Kicks (80's & Synthwave, Techno & Minimal, Hip Hop & Pop, 808 Subs, Dubstep, and Drum & Bass) 74 Claps (Single and Preshifted) 40 Cymbals (Crashes, Rides) 50 Closed Hihats (Electronic and Acoustic) 50 Open Hihats (Electronic and Acoustic) 80 Snares (80's & Synthwave, Hip Hop & Pop, Dubstep, and Drum & Bass) 100 Percussions (Electronic and Acoustic) 20 Rimshots 10 Reverse FX 50 FX Shots

bLiNd Synth One Shots

30 Bass One Shots 32 Stabs and Chords One Shots 35 Synth One Shots 13 Vocal One Shots

bLiNd's Drum Loops 2

10 80's Drum Loops 10 Dubstep Drum Loops 10 Minimal & Techno Drum Loops 10 Drum & Bass Drum Loops 10 Hip Hop & Trap Drum Loops

Total Loop Count is 200 (Split into categories of Kicks, Snares, Tops, and Full Loops) Mix and Match Kicks, Snares and Tops to create your own custom loops.

Thanks for your support!


686mb (unzipped) 24 bit 44khz samples in WAV format Genres covered Techno & Minimal Dubstep Drum & Bass Synthwave Hip Hop & Trap

Loop Tempos between 100-174 bpm

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